Glentley Tea…

Over the years, the family behind GLENTLEY Group processed, blended and made its mark by presenting their exquisite Teas across the world. Founded and managed by 2nd generation tea tasters, GLENTLEY Tea is the culmination of a long and cherished association with Tea. Every sip tells the story of expertise in cultivating, picking, processing, sorting and roasting of the magical leaf called tea. The collective strengths of our current team that pioneered the global outreach of Pure Ceylon Tea have helped our blends gain global recognition. 

GLENTLEY teas comprise the finest teas; hand-picked and carefully processed from the heritage tea estates in Sri Lanka, prior to being packed, shipped and distributed to your neighbourhood. With a heritage and expertise in growing tea that spans over generations, we offer a wide range of teas with a delightfully unique personality and taste profile.

Health Benefits

Ceylon Tea & Your Heart

A warm cup of Ceylon tea in the morning, infused with fruits and rich in potassium will significantly aid in the defense against heart attacks, as it prevents the calcification of the arteries.


Ceylon Tea & Your Immune System

Ceylon black tea boosts your immune system and enables the body to fight harmful viruses as well as bacteria, thereby protecting you from developing cold and flu symptoms.


 Ceylon Tea & Cancer

Regularly consuming Ceylon black tea will help minimize the risk, development and growth of cancer cells. The theaflavins and thearubigins present in black tea act as vital antioxidants in the body and special chemicals such as ECG and EGCG are known to fight free radicals, thus protecting cells from any cancerous damage.

Ceylon Tea & Skin

Antioxidants are known to battle the free-radicals in your body. Drinking black tea will keep your skin healthy and reduce the risk of skin cancer. In addition, it minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, skin blemishes and other premature aging effects.

Ceylon Tea & Weight Loss

Ceylon black tea contains zero calories. In other words, incorporating a cup of black tea into one’s daily routine becomes both seamless and guilt free!

Ceylon Tea & Energy

Ceylon black tea boosts an individual’s energy levels to be able to handle the daily pressures of life. The tea leaves are packed with minerals and vitamins that are equipped to provide enough energy to your body. With the right amount of caffeine present in Ceylon tea, your body will remain fit and active throughout the day.

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